Purging Out the Spiritual World Takes Time, But It is Happening.

When I first became aware of my natural abilities as Healer, I was so unsure of what I really could accomplish. I really did not understand what I was doing. I realize that this phenomenon is a natural occurring and automatic one if I was in the right environment. That was the key:  getting to a safe and secure home situation and away from the spiritual energies of those people who I interacted with. As I left that extremely negative world I was able to think more clearly and feel my way through the days ahead. Now, I know that I am a powerful Healer and no one else is like me. No one else talks about these things like I do. I am on my own here. I have the full power and confidence to carry on. It is evident in how my interactions are going these days. I can effect change with just my words now. My words allow the spiritual energies to purge. It is that simple..

I wait and watch for the positive changes. I feel assured that from now on, everything I want changed will really change. There is no “setup world” blocking reality.  My words are the reality. What I say happens over and over. I feel that now. It gives me so much confidence to continue what I am doing. I see some people who interact with each other as very immature people. They are not capable of making any good decisions now. They are stuck in their fantasy life and do not want to change. They still are pretending and in denial. I left denial way behind me so long ago. That separation from my former life allowed me to shed all the layering of magnetic energy that clung to me for its existence. It is a very thin layer now. It is hardly even here. What is here around me is very low level spiritual energy. It is just the remainder of what was once a huge powerful spiritual network. That time is over.

Now, I can relax and make myself comfortable. I am not really responsible for anyone else now. My sons are all adults. I have achieved that part of parenting successfully and happily. My sons and I are able to move on in our new world with the good feelings of being alive and healthy. There is no death or illness in my world. That is all part of the spiritual setups that I removed through purging and merging. There is still a very spiritual world out there, but it is not affecting me in my life now. It is very separate and fading too…

Maybe there are other Healers like me and my sons somewhere in this world. But things are changing now and soon I will discover where I came from. I already know that I was stolen away soon after my birth and this action caused a lot of problems to continue.  But that time is over. Everyday is interesting and new. No setups. Just one day after another until things change again and the days are one endless summer….