Universe Journeys Available Here

Remember when all we talked about was our spiritual journeys? And how we would find our soulmates? Well, forget about that stuff. Spiritual journeys are highly negative, ancient setups on the human body. Spiritual journeys were created by the spiritual worlds located on each human’s body so the spirits could exist here on planet Earth.

Spiritual soulmates are just a creation of the spiritual world. There is nothing good about having a soulmate as your companion. There is no real love bond. You may argue this fact, but all that happens is a lot of drama and unsafe setups. There is no real life with a soulmate. Nasty energy setups like spiritual soulmates are easily purged by me, Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer.

Have you ever heard of going on a Universe Journey? It is similar in a way to a spiritual journey except, you are purging out the spiritual setups one by one. You live though each spirit set up until you are finally and forever done. Your reward for doing this type of healing is that you are finally reuniting with your Universe Mate!

What this means that at the end of your Universe Journey is your Universe Mate, who has also healed all the way at the same time! And so, there are no more nasty times of the spirit world. There is fun and lots of love. That never gets purged away. So why would anyone want to get a spiritual healing and go on their spiritual journey? That is outdated now.

Right now, I can connect your spirit world to our Universe’s magnetic current and you are then commencing your Universe Journey. You go with the flow, live through each setup which is quick and painless and finally reunite with that special someone you really love. Be assured that one Universe Family Healing session with me allows for both Mates to heal on the Universe at the same time.

So, if you are really tired of the coming and going in your relationship and instead want things to move forward together contact me. I can get things going the right way.