Let’s All Do Our Universe Journeys And Unite with Our Universe Mates

I use to say I was sending the spirits on their Universe Journeys. I really thought that is what happened. Now I see things very differently. I see that those of us who have connected our spirit worlds to our Universe are really the ones going on our Universe Journeys here on planet Earth. This means we live through our spirit setups and purge them away at the same time. Each of us has a spirit world living on our bodies. If we continue to allow our spirit worlds to exist we will eventually die. This has been taking place on our planet for a very long time. In fact it was the only thing happening.

Once we connect our spirit worlds to our Universe, we begin a real life. The spirit setups surrounding us start up and play out a bit, then purge away so only the right things happen automatically. We are then continuing our Universe Journey all the away until we are reunited with our Universe Mate. Each one of us has a spiritual world that must be purged. Our reward for all of this purging is a life forever with our Universe Mate.

So today, April 1, 2022, I am proclaiming that we humans go on Universe Journeys here on planet Earth. Spirit worlds are simply purged and recycled into the magnetic currents of the Universe. That is their final and forever destination. Spirits do not get cleansed and then return to our planet. Oh no, that is not really what happens. Someday we will not see any spiritual activities occurring here on the planet. The spiritual age will be officially in our human history and spirits will never have an opportunity to return to the planet of humans at all.

It is April Fool’s Day and I am laughing at the spiritual worlds who created this holiday for the spirits are the biggest fools that ever existed. Their time is all up because I was here to start this purging process. April Fools Day will be known as the day the spirits were sent far away into our Universe with no possible way of returning. Spirits are the great fools of ages. And I say to them Happy Fools Day you fools. You thought you could defeat me in the end but of course you are all fools and that never happened. I simply returned to my homeland and did my job very well. My job is to purge spirit worlds.

Every human can purge their spirit world and start their Universe Journey toward their Universe Mate. Just contact me to get this going for you.