Feeling Calm and Peaceful

I don’t really feel like writing something but I will. I am feeling so calm and peaceful these days. I am relaxing, crocheting my shawls, and purging spirit worlds. I love to multitask and it’s easy for me now. After surviving the difficult Healer’s Camp setup of last summer, I am so happy to be inside now, cool, comfortable, and safe. This is my current status right now.

I am quiet and observing what is happening around me here as people are experiencing early healing. I am not in the middle of anything. I just get to watch the drama from a safe distance. This feels so good. I am sure things are getting better every single day for me and my family. There is nothing going wrong for us. We are the first family to purge out our spirit worlds. It is amazing and real.

I feel I have complete control now over the spiritual invasion here on planet Earth. I know that the spirit worlds are all under the control of our Universe. There is nothing the spirits can do to take control back. The spirits just surrender and move along with our Universe’s magnetic current. This current takes all spirit worlds far away from our planet. As a result, our planet Earth becomes real and young. The dark ages of the the spirit worlds are leaving and reality is revealed. Universe Time is in full control.

Be assured that although the news of the day is almost all negative, this is a result of an active Universe Time. As the spirits are purged this is what happens. Our planet is changing for the good! Life will continue on Earth because it is Universe Time finally and forever. Universe Time means our Universe’s magnetic currents are controlling the spirit worlds on our planet. The spirits are all being removed from human bodies and so this allows only the right things to happen everywhere.