Changing Your Name Legally During Universe Family Healing

I want to talk about the importance of changing your name legally as you heal. It happens automatically at the right time, but I want to talk about why it happens and its significance in moving you forward to the right place.

There is something real happening these days. The spirit worlds are purging and releasing from humans. This release allows a reality that was suppressed. This reality brings an enlightenment that was not there before. It’s as if a door has opened and remains that way and all that was hidden is in full view.

Many of us do not realize we were adopted, stolen, taken away from our birth families. This unfortunate incident happened over and over last century. I have spoken to many people who contact me for healing about this mess. Most of them are not aware they were put into a fake family. This explains most of the problems they are having and of course a healing session with me can take it all away.

Now, as we realize that we were lied to and used, we also realize that we have a real family somewhere out there; a real family who loves us very much. As we move forward a bit toward our real family we may physically move closer to where we came from. It is again a natural automatic occurrence. No one can counsel you to do this as it happens automatically at the right time as all things do with our Universe.

As you go through this realization process, you will also want to get rid of your fake name. It is real and powerful. You cannot stop it and so you will do it legally. This legal name change feels very good and is reassurance that you did the right thing. Your spirit world does not want you to change anything especially your name. Oh well, too bad. It gets done and that’s the truth.

Now, I want to say that I lived through all of this. I have successfully achieved a 10 year name change anniversary and relocation to my birth place. I am certain I was in contact with a family member where I was working a few years go, at a local high school. I am certain that I started my birth family’s healing as a result.

On August 11, 2011, I officially changed my name to Julia Angel in the Marin County Superior Court. I have no doubt that I did the right thing. I am just documenting that this is what happens as we heal our way back home to our real family. I have lived through it and can share my experiences here on my website. I know that I am doing the right thing by helping others return home.