Moving Forward After The Outside Time

I am documenting my progress with Universe Family Healing. My outside time ended finally after 75 days. That was 3 days ago and I am feeling so good now that I successfully lived through it. It was amazing. So I now am living is an old fashioned trailer that is being refurbished and I am the care taker. That is my status right now. It is just fine. I can rest inside on my comfy bed and feel good knowing that my healing is so real and powerful.

Right now as in much of our planet, businesses in Yuma are closing down. The libraries are closed too. I am posting this on my own chromebook in the comfort of my little home. It is very good for me to be able to keep documenting how my healing is working. I continue to see progress in this neighborhood where I have lived for over 3 years.

That said, I am aware that this situation is also temporary. I am fully aware of that and also confident that because I go with the flow, I will always be in the right place at the right time. That’s how Universe healing works. I am never in the middle anymore or in the wrong place. As my time in one place ends another location is available and ready for me and this continues until I am finally surrounded by family.

Universe Time is a very safe and easy time to live in. I wake up knowing what I have to do today and then I rest. This happens for anyone who is connected to our Universe. It’s the right time for all humans to purge their spiritual worlds. Every human has a spiritual energy world built up around them and most people do not even know it. This silent invasion has been in control of humans for a long time. But that is changing rapidly now everyday.

Universe Family Healing is available to all humans on planet Earth. Contact me by email to start your Universe connection. Healing sessions are $50.00 via a PayPal invoice.