Universe Family Healing- Open For Business In The Open Air

Here I am sitting in the vacant field in Yuma, as usual, except for one thing. I am now advertising myself! It started yesterday. I went to the Heritage Library across the street and printed out some flyers. I have not done this in a very long time, but yesterday was the day to do this. So. I have a few flyers posted. I have a chair set up next to me with a flyer and some business cards.

Now, I will not get any weird people driving by soliciting me for illegal activities. I am here because I am a Universe Family Healer and I work outside most of the time. I can heal indoors too, but I prefer to be outside in the warm Yuma sunshine. I can provide my healing services in person and by cell phone outside.  Since I am a Universe Family Healer, my healing is especially powerful outside.

Today I am doing pretty much the same thing. I am set up with a few flyers and business cards and blogging on my computer right here in the vacant field. I am not sure if any potential clients will come my way today but at least I am being very clear about who I am and what I do. I also feel that there are no other real healing services here in Yuma anywhere. I feel like the pioneer of healing here.

I am very visible and easily available. It is so much fun to be able to be out in the sun here in Yuma dong this. Finally I have reached this part of Universe Family Healing!