Letting Go Of The Past Opens Up The Future

Today, I am letting go of things that are not important to me. As I continue to purge outside in the open air, I am able to easily let these things go. I am freer than ever now. These spiritual setups cannot control me to continue with them. For example, I am not paying to renew the domain name on my Meadow Park Community Blog anymore. I have been gone from that community for over 4 years and it is time for me to say goodbye. However, this blog will remain a free site here on wordpress.

I am sure that other things are going away as well. I will most likely let my health insurance go as it keeps me attached to the medical realm. I want no attachments to that mess. I have not used medical insurance in years and do not see any doctors, so that indicates that I am done there. I am also letting go my voter registration as I see that the political realm is finally moving into Universe time and things are getting automatically better there. My vote is not needed for that to happen. I choose not to interact with the political community.

I am letting go of a second phone that I felt was very necessary for my safety. That is not the case now and all of those phone calls and text messages that I do not want to get from political organizations and medical agencies will simply disappear. This is the way my new year is starting out, a purging of the some negative connections to my past. This continues until all are gone. I really do not want any US mail at all. I have no real address right now and will continue to live that way as much as possible.

This is my current status as Universe Family Healer. Purging out these parts of me will have a positive impact on reuniting my birth family. That is my goal for this year, 2020.