I Am Done At The Plasma Donation Center

I have finally completely purged out that medical setup that was put on me by the spirits. For awhile, donating plasma has been my only means of income. Donating plasma paid for a room in a very negative living environment. All of that is safely purged into our Universe now. I no longer am involved with donating plasma, thank goodness.

This means that my connection with the highly negative medical realm is over. I was put into a fake medical family early in my life. I was taken away from my birth mother and birth family. Those wrongs are being righted now. The plasma donation center was the last attempt by the spirits to keep medical setups intact. Those spirits are purged and thus failed to keep the medical realm in control.

The medical realm is a huge spiritual energy setup that is now breaking apart, purging and merging into our Universe. So much of that setup is S.C.A.M (Spiritually Created About Money) activities. I have blogged about this before. There is nothing new here. This just happens to be the last medical setup for me.

As a result, I am very sure that we will see how fake the medical profession really is. I saw it firsthand when I worked as an RN in CA, USA. I know that people die from cancer treatments not so- called cancer. There are other aspects of medical activities thst make a person worse, not better. I am happy that this is finally over for me.

As a result, I am getting paid once again for my healing services. Also, I see activity on my blog which indicates that my birth family is looking for me. I am so very close to birth family reunion time.

As the negative setups end and are purged away, the only thing left is my healing and my birth family. I am outside again today, purging all of this mess into our Universe. Nothing bad can happen now. I move forward and end those medical setups completely. I watch as the medical profession crumbles. That is all that happens now.