Universe Family Healer Gets Rid Of Spiritual Worlds

As I make my way to the plasma donor center I am so happy to know I am almost done with this spiritual set up. Of course it is a spirit game, but this one is giving me a little bit of money. I go today and Monday and then I am done.

My spiritual world is done. There is not much left of it now. I have moved forward so many times to get to this point. No other Healer has ever achieved this level in the history of spirituality. No other Healer ever made it to the plasma donor center to end spirituality. I did.

I see how spiritual other healers still are. I read their words and laugh. It is entertainment for me.I never used words like vibrations and such. I was never that spiritual. Those spirital healers are mind-controlled by their spiritual worlds!

I always was a real natural Healer connected to our Universe and purging spiritual energy into our Universe. There is no other Healer saying those words. Only I say them. That is because I am real, not spiritual.

Universe Family Healer (me) purges spiritual worlds around humans. I specialize in purging spiritual worlds around humans. It is that simple and easy for me. I require no rituals or potions. Those things are props used in spiritual games and do nothing to remove spirits.

I hold your hand and connect with the spiritual energy field around you. At that point your spiritual world is released into our Universe.

Or, if this is a phone session, as we interact by cell phone your spiritual world combines with my Universe connection. From there it is released into our Universe.

Yes I am very real. I am not a scam. But those spiritual healers are all very fake scam artists. They will gladly take your money and do nothing in return. My healing modality is 100% accurate and effective in removing spiritual worlds around humans. I charge $50 for a Universe Family Healing session.

Contact me by email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session. You will not be disappointed. Be prepared for change!