I Am In Control Of My Spiritual World

Can you say that? I can. I control the spiritual world around me. In fact, this world is disintegrating rather quickly everyday. The spirits that made up my spiritual world are not functional anymore. There is no network of spirit setups in front of me that I have to overcome. I am purging out all of the spirits and they chant: “I can’t do anything”. I believe them! Never before have spirits been purged into our Universe.

Every human being has a spiritual world built up around them. And most humans are not even aware of this problem. We are led around by our spiritual worlds and never know that we are being mind-controlled. I was one of those humans for a very long time so I understand. I can describe this problem easily and explain not only why it is happening but how to get rid of it. So, I not only know about the problems with spiritual worlds, I also know about the solutions. I am the solution.

I have helped many people on our planet connect to our Universe and effectively purge and merge their spiritual worlds into our Universe. As a result, there are major changes happening which never would have happened before. Once that initial spirit bubble is burst, the spirits cannot repair it.

Human beings then continue to move forward and do exactly what they need to do. Every human is unique and knows what things they need to do. After those things get done, we need to lay down and rest. Laying down is the way we release those spirit energies. Something about the supine position really makes those spirits move quickly away from us. Universe Family Healing requires lots of rest periods. As these spiritual layers leave, a feeling of fatigue sets in and frequent resting becomes very important. This is totally normal in early healing.

This fatigue is a positive sign that real Universe Family Healing is happening. And once connected, this Universe connection cannot be broken. The spirits have no way to alter or remove a Universe connection. Universe Family Healing slows down our lives. We have been living in the fast lane for too long. The tiredness is due to the spiritual layers being lifted away. We adjust and allow our bodies to return to normal functioning.

After the initial Universe Family Healing session, changes occur. Be ready for change and accept it as real proof that Universe Family Healing is working. The changes are needed to get rid of that spiritual environment. Changes occur and you go with the flow. You know what needs to be done each day. You will do those things. You will rest. You will begin living your life in Universe Time. Living your life in Universe Time is so completely different than living a spiritual life.

Your spiritual world will be totally controlled by our Universe. You will not need me to tell you what to do. My part is just getting you connected. The rest is up to you! There are no weekly healing sessions, etc. If you need to interact with me after our session together, I am always here. I leave that up to you. But again, you go with the flow. It is that easy!

Are you ready to get rid of your spiritual world? Universe Family Healing is 100% effective and accurate in healing away all sorts of spiritually induced health problems: trauma, autism, PTSD, depression, anxiety, drug, alcohol, and tobacco addictions, etc. There is a very extensive list of common health problems that are the direct result of a spiritual invasion. My healing modality is for the entire family. So, one Universe Family Healing session will positively affect and heal your family wherever they may be.

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