October 15 is Today!

We have made it to this day. This is a very meaningful day for me and my family. From now until the end of 2016, my family will be experiencing the ultimate and never ending power of the Universe. ALL SPIRITUAL SET UPS ON US BREAK APART AND END!

I know that the remaining time of this year will bring us all back together. But for those highly spiritual people, the end of this year does not bring them anything good at all.

Those negative people existed only because of the spiritual energy set ups they lived in and since those highly negative people never heal well, their end is not that pretty. Those people are more spiritual than real and end up succumbing to their diseases…

Spiritual worlds end and never start going again. Spirits have “no more time” and that is all they chant as they slowly fade out on the Universe…

This is real.. I am not deluded or writing a fiction story. I only post reality..

I am real. I continue to purge out spirit energy onto our Universe. This continues non stop, 24/7. I am the First Healer to do this and survive. I am making history all the time.

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