When Nobody Listens, I Still Purge Spiritual Energy…

I am virtually unknown in this world. I have a few followers and some views from people all over the world. There are a few people who have read my blog and understand what I am saying. I do not receive any comments or responses.  I guess that is the way of a Universe Family Healer. I say things here that have not been said before anywhere. Some people cry when they read what I write. Some people smile.

I am doing this alone. I never thought  I would do this at all. How did this happen to me? Why me? Why? Can someone please tell me.

I am not anyone special really. I went to school and did things the right way. I realized later in my life that my family was not my real birth family.  I separated myself from them and changes began happening. I am still searching for my birth family… It is not that much fun right now. I do have a very good job helping children. It is rewarding, but, I am still by myself most of the time.

As the end of this year approaches I know that life continues now on this planet because I was able to return safely to my homeland, the sunniest place in the Universe.  Here I can continue the spiritual purging process non stop as it is warm and sunny almost Every Day.. I am hoping that next year brings me and my family back together again,  and this includes my family from a long time ago too…


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