Going With The Flow The Real Way

I have my very own definition of this phrase. It seems that many are available but only mine seems real to me.

Going With The Flow means that you are connected to the Universe and as a result, the Universe’s energies are pulling the spiritual energies from you. There is an energy flow which is occurring, a purging and merging non stop flow and you cannot stop this flow of merged energies.. As a result, you go with it and allow yourself to be real and do whatever each day requires. You do not really plan a lot when you are Going With The Flow.

This is a real natural scientific phenomenon. You feel it. You experience it. You are immersed in it. It is an individual activity. It is not related to another person interacting with you. Another person cannot decide what is best for you.  Only you know that. Only you are doing your activity of the day. And when you are done with that activity you relax and rest.

At times, an employment or job of some kind will be the Going With The Flow activity and other times it will not. But that is OK. It is all OK. You will not suffer. There is always a solution which easily arrives for you. You do not end up homeless. Homelessness is a spiritual set-up.

And so, you are not worried at all because the worry is being taken away by the Universe. This is real science, not a game or pretending. There is a real magnetic flow of Universe energy which is always available to everyone. But many of us are very covered over with spiritual energy layers so the Universe’s energy has a lot to remove and this takes time. You can get yourself connected easier by simply following your feelings and staying away from those negative people and places..

My family is now at the point in our Universe Family Healing where the Universe is totally in control. This is the fun part.

Once you get there you know that fun times are really all that happen now. You have succeeded in connecting all of your family’s negative spiritual energies to the Universe and so there are no bad times ever again. Everyone needs to do this but only a few will succeed. Otherwise I would have thousands of people reading my blog daily. That is not happening sadly. Most people will just die as they are way too spiritual. Human aging is the result of being overloaded with spiritual energies!

That is what Going With The Flow means to me and it is really the only meaning there is for Universe Healers. And we are the experts in this.