I Am Closing Down California as Arizona is Opening Up

Sorry California, you had me for way too long. Even Ohio had me for awhile. But those times are gone. I am back in Yuma, Arizona, the place where I was born. I can tell now that I was only meant to live in Yuma, Arizona. But, I can also tell you that this did not happen.

I was taken away from Yuma and moved around so much during my life, that Yuma, Arizona never entered my mind, not even once, until last month when I was forced to move. All of a sudden, there was Yuma! A very nice climate, and a very affordable living style ( 80% less than where I was). It became obvious that I was going to Yuma.

Now I have been here for almost one month and I see things changing continuously. I see what happens when a real Sun Healer is living in the sunniest place in the USA.

Because this has not really happened before, it is fun to watch and experience.  Most people I know assume that I was not “adopted”.  Most people assume I was not taken away from my real family and never allowed to know the truth at all. Most people assume that everything was easy for me.

It was not!

But now, it is going to be easy for me and my real family. We are going to have the good life and fun times are already starting for us.

But for those other people who lied and made things hard on me, well your times are pretty much over. Your spiritual energies are fading fast, because I really did make it all the way back to Yuma, and Yuma is where I am going to stay.

And the rest of my real family will make their way to Yuma too because “all roads lead to Yuma” now. And that is how Universe Family Healing works. The powerful Universe Family Healers of this world are coming back together. We will continue to purge and merge all spiritual energies that have invaded our Universe. This is all we have to now. And if that makes you uncomfortable, then I guess you are one of those spiritual beings that are being purged.