Universe Family Healing Creates A Real Living World

The spiritual setups are removed all the time when you are Universe connected. What was supposed to happen spiritually does not happen. You are allowed to explore the entire world around you, not just a setup existence.  And you might not realize this at first. But soon you are understanding this as the energies purge and merge continuously. You are really living out a setup but it is all your way and positive. You make the most of the spiritual setup that was forced upon you. You make the setup work for you. It takes a very long time to purge out all of the spiritual energies that have controlled our world. It goes on and on. But it is going the right way, the good way now.

I hold back still and wait and make all the right choices. I do not make mistakes here in my hometown. I allow the energies to move out onto the Universe and away from me. I do not let them set up in my new home. I realize what is going on now. I am very knowledgeable about spiritual energy’s characteristics and what it needs to set up itself in a new place. This is not happening here. I am not letting it happen. I am in control of those energies. All of the spiritual setups are fading out..

I am still hoping to find my real birth family someday here. That is why we have returned to this town. But, it takes time. There is only one direction and one outcome: a gathering of my real birth family members finally around me. This is not a spiritual game. It is the undoing of what was done to me.

The spiritual family I grew up with has no idea I am here in Yuma as a result of my Universe Family Healing. I do not talk to any of them or their acquaintances here. I only ask for help from those I feel comfortable with. I am still very guided by my feelings. This is not very easy at times, but going with the flow is what happens. You can try to stop the Universe from taking control, but it controls anyway.

Relax and rest more if you can. The end results are all that matters, a reunion with my birth family. Powerful and exciting to finally have what others have taken for granted. This time is mine now, to know all the truth about what happened to me when I was very young. I am sure my experience was repeated over and over with other Healers too. I am not the only baby that was taken away from the safety and love of my birth mother. It happened a lot back in the 1950s.