At The End of the World, Just Purge…

These words are loud and clear to me.. It means that everything is changed already. I just have to continue purging as I am. I really do not have to do anything new. I just have to be here and purge and purge…I have to be quiet and calm and still to purge. That is all I am doing. I have to be alive to do this. I will always be here, very much alive!

Well, that sounds really good to me.  I understand totally what this means. I get it! It is the easy part coming through. Just relax and let it happen now. There is nothing more that needs to be done. It is an automatic mechanism in place. The universe is totally in control and moves all the bad energies away from me at an extremely fast rate. It is a totally natural and automatic phenomenon. It cannot be stopped by any scientific means or military action. It is the forces of nature taking control again and this time, the natural forces will never be stopped. The spiritual energies that kept our natural forces in captivity are now so broken up and unimportant that all these negatively charged energies can do is purge and merge with the universe.  These energies are inert around humans..

This will never, ever change back. There is no way we will be living in the land of Oz again…

Good people live under the rainbow, not in the land of OZ (i.e.Ozone). The good people take control and the bad people are dying away at an extremely fast rate. That is what the News is showing me.. the death statistics of the spiritual world. It is ending forever!!!

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