Many Healers are Feeling the Change Now- Spiritual Set Ups Are Over

During this month, if you are universal (not spiritual)  you will continue to see a change in all the spiritually set up conditions surrounding you.. There are many spiritual people right now who are not going to be able to make it through these endings. They are very spiritual and are not going to survive.  Their bodies are more spiritual than human. They all have the fake diseases of the spiritual world..

And Universal Healing removes this energy from them. They become very weak and lose their desire to go on. They do things wrong and hurt themselves… They perish..That is the way things happen when Universal Healing takes control. Universal healing allows life for real humans to continue in a very positive manner. Universal healing is about living worlds and creating safe and loving families and communities. The spiritually controlled world is very evil. Their news of the day is full of this evil… If you are really seeing things clearly for the first time, you will understand this..

The media is a big mess of spiritual evil…

All I know is that I am home safe and that is where I stay. I have my connection to the universe well established and this is permanent…. No one can stop this connection… And what this means is that nothing bad ever happens to me or my family…. That is because we are all actively purging away the spiritual invasion that made our lives difficult and dangerous.. That is no longer happening to us… But for many people, this is not true. They remain stuck deep in the mesh of spiritual energy and they will remain there until they die…

December is full of bad things. It is also a time when quiet and peace returns to my universal home. That is why I am posting about this now. I cannot ever feel disconnected again. Whatever is going on spiritually ends up around me and is purged immediately onto the universe. It is not staying here and trying to make bad things happen. It is purged and merged with the enormous energy field called the universe and therefore is far away from humans.. and that is the truth!!


Universal Living is All That Matters