December Healing is All That Matters Now!

Well, if you made it through the mess of November, then you are in for some really good times ahead. Be assured that those of you who are actively healing and purging are on the right road back to a safe and happy life. You are discarding all of those old ways that were so set up and negative for a very long time. That is because I am here at home, safe and secure. I always made sure I had my home…. And home is all that matters for Healers like us…

In the past, homes were always taken away from real Healers somehow. There has never been a time when a real Healer was able to stay at home and actively purge out the spiritual world as I have…What a new world is evolving now!

I am very real about this. It is not a game. It is a real phenomenon that today’s very spiritually controlled scientific world refuses to accept. That is because they are in great fear of what this means and will never ever admit to its reality… It means that all of their research and studies are just a big joke! Just laugh at them as they all die and disappear…

It does not matter though because those of us who are Healers already know that things are going in our favor now and can never be turned any other way….. Healer is at home and stays there (that’s me)! It is that simple. I have created a portal of intense universal purging around my home. It is a protection that cannot be stopped!…. That is all that had to be done. The spiritual world is afraid… That means they are fading away… Watch the news now and laugh at the spiritual world’s decline..

And I will be seeing you all very soon I am assured. Just let your own feelings guide you along. There is nothing that will stop you.. It is all easy and simple and soon we will be together laughing and joking about this time and how we made it through to where the good folks live under the rainbow…

We are in control!

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