Universal Healing is Working Hard to Clear out the November Mess

The spiritual world made a big mess of things this month.  As usual, their negative set ups had to play out somehow, but fortunately I am here and very powerful now and these set ups do not last long at all, and in fact are very minimal, not devastating as they would like to be….. I am sure that this time period is their last time period ever for me. I am sure that this time will never happen again, ever…..

This month of November is leaving me. I was not born in this month as my birth certificate states. That birth certificate is false and a big lie…. But there were alot of spiritually set ups things arranged around this month and those energies are all purged…. It is that simple now for me. I go on and live as does my family without the intrusions of the spiritual set ups.. The energies are defeated again and I hope that this yearly set ups of things is finally over for good.

Still, I do wish that November was a forgotten month. Those that are born in this month seem to have a very bad part to them. I have purged out all of that part that was spiritually imposed upon me making me look like a November person. I am not a November person!…. I know that by staying where I am and purging as I do, I will successfully change the way that things have been going for me and my family. I know that it is working… This is the last worthless year that I will ever live through. And when you are actively purging spiritual energies, you are living through a dead world…. that is the truth!

You are living, not dying. That is the big difference.