I am Feeling Good, the New World is Safe…

I have let the old world go. I do not participate in any of it now. I am living my real life at home, as I am meant to. I am not one to be in the limelight of the dangerous spiritual world. It is not a safe place for me. I am very happy to be where I am am right now. I am safe and comfortable. My life is stable now and will always remain this way…

I am living a quiet life. It is the only way for me to be able to do what I am doing. I could never have done this before. My life was too spiritual. It was busy and connected in negative ways. That is all gone now. I do not have any old connections to deal with anymore. I feel so good, so free….

It took me many years of course to be in this place right now. I had to do certain things and I did. I did not magically arrive here. But what I do is considered magic by many people. To me, it is just my natural way of being. No big deal… It may be still a “new idea” for many people, but to me now it is normal… My purging abilities may never be that well known. I do not care about fame or celebrity. It is best not be that way.

That stuff is part of the spiritual world that is decaying all the time….. I just consider my self normal, not extraordinary or amazing… Just normal… Like I have returned to where I should have been from the beginning of my life. I am just being me….I got rid of the barriers that were thrown upon me at birth. I was not allowed to be raised with my real family…..I purged out this fake family’s spiritual layer and connected to the powerful universe.  This connection is not very common apparently, but again, for me it is just normal….

I had to leave so many people behind who were liars and criminals. I can see it all now so easily. I am not inside of that negative mesh anymore. I know and see everything that is going on… But I do not talk much about it anymore. That old spiritual world is dying away as it always does.

The New World of Reality is safe living. Purging out spiritual energies allows you to live in this New World….