Purging Spiritual Energy is All I do Now…

I am Healer of this Universe. I am here to correct a very evil deed that was done to humanity ages ago. It involved taking away a powerful ability from someone and keeping that person locked up and imprisoned. Now this happened a very long time ago. And it was never righted. The wrongs that occurred since that time have been numerous. But because I am here finally to make this change in our world, the wrongs are all going away now.

I am purging the spiritual energies around our planet that makes everything bad and negative. This ability of mine is not stopping. I am Healer and my powerful healing ability continues on and on…. I am home finally and this is where I stay. I do not go anywhere these days. Home is the best place for me at all times. And this is the best time of my life right now. I just hang out at home and relax. And the energies of the ancient evils all go away….That is what happens now and nothing can stop it…

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