Healer Does Not “Fix” the Mess, Healer Gets Rid of It…

In a spiritual world, one of the setups is the “fixer”. Someone is set up with a spiritual energy pattern to become well known as the person who exposes all the criminals. Well, that set up was on me for over 3 years, but it is all over.

I survived that 3 year time period quite well. I did expose alot of corruption in my community. It is easy to do these days because it is so rampant… Actually though, it is not necessary for me to get so involved in the spiritual part of it. Because I am Healer, all I have to do is purge out these setups. That means I just let these energies purge and merge with the universal energy fields. I do this by sitting quietly and not running around everywhere interacting with those negative people. It is the only way to effectively and permanently get rid of this energy. There is no ritual or class or program to “learn” this technique. It is all very natural and automatic for me because I am Healer… I am doing it nonstop every day.  The old world is not “fixed”. It is disposed of and a new clean world is born…

Some messes are just not fixable. When a spiritual world like this one gets so heavily infested with spiritual energy, Healer comes through to get rid of the infestation. The energies purge and merge away from humans, the criminals die, and life goes on.. .It is that simple really… As I continue to take more control of my powerful purging ability, the changes become more visible and easy to see. And so far, I am seeing the results that I want to see.


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