Thank Goodness Real Healers are Alive and Well

What a change this is- the world of real Healers is growing up. We are here to stay. The fakes, scam artists, and charlatans of the past are not in power anymore. They are being exposed and this is something they cannot adjust to. It is hard to be exposed for the evil person you are. It is very difficult to live on when you are exposed.

Public exposure makes the liars fall apart and fade away. This gradual decline of the cheaters and criminals continues. Their spiritual energies are removed a little bit and they are easily seen for what they really are. Their reputations are tarnished and cannot be renewed. They die.

A very good example of scam artists at work is those people involved with class action law suits. I see the big picture here easily. I will no longer allow myself to be involved in any class action lawsuits. Those things are the biggest shams of the day. It is a very bad set up for lawyers to make tons of money using people who had bad things done to them. People are supposed to be happy to get $20.00 each while the lawyers are paid millions. It is not worth getting involved with those things.

I will just excuse myself from those lawsuits and throw the cards away. That’s what happens anyway as people who start these things going get discouraged and just stop doing it. There are other ways that are more effective to deal with your anger about these little things. And once all the energy is used up, you just forget about the issue. It becomes unimportant, and so does the legal community.

All of this changes because Healers are alive now. Once Healers are really alive, the old methods disintegrate and do not work anymore. They are just spiritual setups stuck in rigid, negative patterns that do not help people. And as these spiritual energies are purged, so are those negative people who have controlled the world. And that is what is happening every day now. The lawyers are not really being hired much these days. They expect to be paid a lot of money without doing anything. They call it a retainer. But, who gets paid up front these days? No one. You have to do the work and then the money comes. That’s why a lot of lawyers are doing these class actions lawsuits now. No one wants to pay them up front anymore. It is a dying profession people.

Lawyers are all set up to do things wrong. In the future, no one will want a lawyer to do anything for them. Lawyers will just be an extinct profession, a sordid part of our world’s history.