I Stay Far Away From the Criminals and They Cannot Find Me Anymore

Today, I can stay far away from them. When I was young, I could not do this. I was surrounded by them: liars and corruption everywhere. I was not able to get away. I just lived through it. As I got older I was still there, still caught. But not now, because I see them for who they are, and I know that they are criminals. I am not directly involved with them. I just observe from a distance. I try and tell people that criminals are there and what they are doing. It is very slow to get a good response, if any. I just get bored with these agencies who are supposed to be helping uphold the laws. They are a major part of the problem still. They just cannot get the big picture and never will.  Purging spiritual energy over the past ten years has allowed me to be far away from the criminals. And this distance continues to be widened all the time. There is no way a criminal can do anything to me anymore…

So, now as I am able to see through the facade of criminals, I know that it is best for me to handle things differently. I will not stand in front of them face to face and accuse them of anything. I just use my words and blog and post. I stay away from the violence and rages that occur. I do not become a victim. Although it is so easy for me to see it all and “clean it all up”, it is not that easy to make it happen. People are very spiritually controlled now and will not see the obvious even when it is presented directly to them in an email. And because of this spiritual layering, getting the criminals in prison is still a long and difficult task.

All that I do is post and let it go. I do not go further anymore. It is not safe for me. This world is very violent and accepts death easily and looks forward to the death statistics of the day. That is what all the news is about these days. But I am never going to be one of those statistics. I will stay at home and be safe. I can always purge and change my world that way. I am not going to be involved with the spiritual world of criminals and corruption. I state what is wrong and make it very apparent and that is all. I do not go to those unsafe places and stand there and accuse them of anything. I guess I do not have to do that anymore. I just let it all go…

When you are actively purging out spiritual energies, you will begin to see reality and how fake people are. It stands out in front of you. It becomes apparent and easy. But, again, it is safer to stay away from them, and not endanger yourself. It is not worth it. People today are extremely violent and use weapons all the time, anywhere. It is a very dangerous world right now.

The killing fields are everywhere….

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