The Spiritual World Dies Slowly and Then, It Is Gone Forever…

You will not hear about this much these days,  how the spiritual world is dying. But that is what happens every time you read a death statistic.  Spiritual worlds are built up and quickly fade. This is how it has always happened with spiritual worlds. Spiritual energies  invade a human race. Spirits are in control (like a parasite) and humans are not able to stop this energy that makes things go wrong. Humans are not even aware of this energy that much, because it happens slowly without warning, and is very mind-controlling at a very young age.. But it is always around humans silently taking over.

Before my time, this was always the way of the human world. It was from a very long time ago, these ancient memories of people ravaged by the energies around them. They could not control them or purge them. They were simply a pawn in a spiritual game. And there were many spiritual games and they still are going on now in a lot of those 3rd world countries.

Brutality is the number one game in those far away countries. They have always been like that and will just kill each other off once again and this time, because their spiritual energies are purged, they will not return or be here. They are going to be gone forever. They will never be alive again…Those savage and inhuman places will  cease to exist. Those places are more alien really.

The energy of these ancients are still present around the globe. But, there is a separation of human and energies  happening and soon, we will never hear about these atrocities anymore. The only reason for this is that spiritual energy is separating and releasing from humans. And when this happens, it is able to merge with our vast and powerful universal energy and magically is swept away along this magnetic field of energy out in our universe. And once this happens, the energies are never back here to control humans anymore. Now some people are highly spiritual and can not purge much. Sadly, they are mostly solid spiritual energy, and those people are the ones who get illnesses and die…

But, there are some of us who are Healers and do this function called purging quite easily all the time. Purging feels like a gentle pulling effect and you feel this energy leaving your body. This energy is very gritty and noisy too.  It is real! It has never occurred before apparently.  I am documenting this phenomenon all the time. I am not working with any scientific organization. I am doing this all on my own. I just post here when a good thought comes to my mind and I need to jot it down on my blog. It allows me to keep my mind focused on who I am. And redirects me to the purging ability I have.

That is all I really do nowadays. I just sit around and purge. I do other things too. It is a very quiet and simple life and I enjoy it. Although it does get a little bit boring once in a while, I always feel good that I can purge and be at home and not in the company of criminals.

I realize now that I have lived most of my former life in the presence of criminals.  I was stolen as a very young baby from my birth mother. And from that time I was not allowed to be real. I was totally surrounded by criminals and bad people who lied about who I was.  I was told not to do my natural abilities. I was made to change my name even further. I was controlled to be a different person at a very young age. My name was changed. My birth date was altered. I was put into a totally different world from where I was  born. And of course, this suppressed my natural abilities. Not good!

That is the one reason I was able to start purging. I got away from the criminals starting about 10 years ago, finally, and stayed away. And that is still happening! I have successfully created my new life totally separate from where I was. I did this on my own. I did this only without a a man to control me…And what an amazing change happened.

I am On the Universe and away from all the criminals. And they are still alive, but not for long.. Their end is coming…I stay far away and watch it happen.