To Live or Die, what do I Choose?

Well, when you start interacting with the criminal world, the lines blur so much because the criminals all start to act the same and look the same. They can be lawyers and doctors and nurses and property managers. They can be anyone really, even firefighters. But, if you are trying to get a positive response from them, you will never achieve this. You cannot interact with criminals anymore. They confuse everything you say and try to make you feel stupid.

I just call them stupid and they get mad because it is true. They are very stupid people in their little negative worlds trying to keep it all going. The one good thing that happens when I decide to interact with them is that I can totally change what is happening without their knowledge or permission. And so when I do have to talk or email them, I make things change, and that is fun to a degree.

I know that these people in a corrupted world are dying. They do not want people to know that they are dying. They will wait until the last moment and then they will die suddenly. But it is happening very quickly now because I was able to tell the FBI today how stupid they are. That’s all I really had to do. They are supposedly at the top but from now on they will be looked at like a joke. They will be seen as stupid. And they will fall apart. And once they fall apart, all of the other enforcement agencies will fall apart too, because in reality, they are all stupidly connected…

Stupid means you are negatively controlled to do things wrong. These people will all die soon and will be forgotten. They will no longer be around anywhere. What a relief. They are so stupid and boring. Their time is well over. I made sure of that….

Purging spiritual energies is the way to get rid of stupid people and it is working very well. I can tell from my interactions today. I do not want to have any more interactions with criminals though, even by phone or email. The third time around was today and I am done. These people will all die and that of course will change the world tremendously. But they do not know that.

It is all happening right now anyways, even if they do not understand what is going on. It doesn’t matter. They just die, one way or another! They are dying, that’s the important thing here. That is what changes the world people- get it? I am going to live, that is true and therefore I purge out and move far away from the criminals. I let them die on their own without me around them. I do not want their bad energies on me. I let them go far away and that is what happened today.