Well Sun, You Did More Than Smile Today…

You heated up the place and this caused a lot of changes to happen. But you got hot, very hot. And I felt it. I saw the wasps flying around in a disorganized fashion. I saw and heard people going off on stupid things, and I kept my kitty as cool as I could. And we survived the day. And now, as this evening cools down nicely, I am re-focusing my efforts back to my own personal blog here and reminding myself who I am and what I do. I am not just a whistleblower anymore. That has gotten way too boring. I am moving beyond that realm. It is not fun. It is stupid, because I have to repeat the same things over and over and it is so boring. I am leaving that whole thing and letting go. And watching what happens. That’s all I am going to do now..

So, as today starts to really wind down, another boring weekend has completed. And I know that if I just keep refocusing myself to the Healer who I am, that everything turns right around again in my favor and never changes. And that is what I am thinking about today, right now. I am so happy this day has ended. Monday, a wrong is righted and that continues and never stops. It is really cool now, stay tuned…


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