The Sun Is Smiling Down On Me As Life Goes On and On..

That is the first thought that came to me today. It is a beautiful springtime day here in Northern California. Temperatures are mild and the sun shines brightly all the time now. I am not afraid of the sun. It is a life preserving energy orb. The sun is getting the magnetic energy it needs to maintain itself forever and ever. This spiritual energy  purging allows all the right things to happen. A spiritual world gets set up when there is no spiritual energy purging and then,  it appears to be the normal.

But all it does is kill people. And make the world die. Spiritual energy cannot prolong life. It is a very negative and damaging kind of energy. It makes people evil and old. They do things with bad intent. They do not care. They lose their human qualities as they age and respond with lies and greedy ways. Their appearance changes and they become ugly.

So, being in contact with the sun is a very important way for this not to happen. Sun connections are healthy. If you are always hiding yourself from the sun, you are highly spiritual and will die. I always loved being in the sun. It never hurt me. I am not getting any skin cancers. I am not spiritual. That only happens to highly spiritual people who are more spiritual than human. They succumb to these spiritual diseases. But there are those like myself who can and will connect to the sun and stay here. Without our sun, there is no way humans can live. And without spiritual energy purging there is no way our sun can continue.So purging does keep this magnetic force in balance. And that is the beauty of how this all works. It is a very easy and natural occurrence.

The scientists are never going to tell you this. But, it is the truth and these scientists will also die. Their ideas and thoughts are very spiritually controlled. They try to find another living world out there, but it is not out there. There is no other planet like Earth.