I am a Universal Healer…I Purge Spiritual Energy…

I am not a typical healer. You cannot categorize me that way. I am nothing like the “spiritual” healers of today. I am not involved with any spiritual Reiki methods. That is only an oriental spiritual healing game. I have no connection to that game. I never did. My abilities are so way above that. I can see the whole universe and instantly know what is going on. I am in control of the energies around our universe. I have energy flowing through my body all the time. I purge and hear the spiritual voices as it merges with our geomagnetic fields outside. It is an amazing sound and all real. There is nothing fake about this. Do you understand what that means? There is no one else doing this. It makes me disgusted to see movies like the X-Men so popular. I am real.

I was always connected to our universal energies, even when I was very small. I know this. I was not encouraged or appreciated for it. I was born and then stolen from my real family at a very young age. And that is why it has taken me so long to get to this point today. But I have made it.  Sounds like a fairy tale, but it is the truth. Many babies were taken from their mothers during the mid- century past. It was accepted and approved of for unwed mothers to give up their babies to adoption, even when the mothers did not want to. It was forced upon them. This was a time in history when crimes against humanity (and women in particular) were approved and allowed. And women were unable to do anything about it.

These people who participated in these atrocities are still alive and living with their lies and evil deeds. They got away with it. They destroyed many good women’s lives this way. It was set up to make these women cry and despair. It was always done with “the best of intentions”. But it never was done right. And still it is not being talked about or acknowledged. I am just posting again about this, because the inhuman female who “adopted ” me is still alive at 85 and so full of evil and negative energy. So gross and disgusting. Why do these people continue to live? I have nothing to do with her. I do not talk to her or interact with her in any way. She is like a blob of spiritual energy that holds all of this charade together.

The only reason I even know about all this, is because I have purged out the spiritual layer that was hiding the real truth. That is why I can safely say, that I know what happened. I know that it was an illegal adoption. It was not done with the cooperation of my real mother. There are no records in any court anywhere. It was a sleazy corrupt lawyer who handled this. And got a lot of money too. It was very secretly done and has not been exposed as of yet. But I know that it happened. I will not talk to any of those people I was around when I was young. They are all evil. None of them are like me.

I am on my own and it feels very good. I have total control of the energies that are mine by birth. I continue to purge the spiritual layers from our world and someday, I will finally meet my real family. I know that it is just a matter of time. And I have all the time now. There is no limit to the amount of time I have..