Today, the Wrongs are Righted

On May 15, 2014, the wrongs are righted. This means that because the Universe is open and accepting this spiritual energy again, the bad times are officially over. This date in history will be remembered specifically for that. I can be assured now that those bad people that were involved in those events (i.e. spiritual setups) are going to have a final and everlasting end.

This is also reassuring because I have made it to this point in time and I have a very good living situation. I cannot really complain at all. My living situation is secure. I know this is the most important matter that I had to focus on to get to this day. A secure and comfortable living situation is necessary for a Healer to truly be here. In the past Healers would not be able to survive. Sadly, they would succumb to their spiritual setups and die. But, that is not happening for me.

I am actively purging out spiritual energies. I have made the ultimate connection possible that a human can have. I am connected totally to the massive magnetic energy field surrounding our universe and this allows all the bad spiritual energies from humans to purge and merge there. It is like a dumping process and it makes everything turn around in the right direction, the good direction, the living direction…


This date,  May 15, 2014, will always be a good memory for me. I can relax because I stated the truth several times again about the corruption and evil in my community. I am not worried or stressed about anything. I know that I have made it and I have no problems at all to deal with.


Now, this is not the truth for many others I know. Their real times are just beginning and they will not be able to survive their reality. That is the way it happens. Not everyone is a good person you see. The good people survive this time and life goes on in a peaceful, loving way. Yes, this has a battle of good and evil. I have been the Princess Warrior, Healer,  fighting evil all the time! Of course the bad people have been in control, but that time is over!


Good has finally conquered evil. This is the first time this has ever happened because I am here to open up the Universe. If you are a good person, you will never have to worry about anything again. But, if you are a bad person, your time will end soon. That is how it works now, universally speaking.