My Seven Year Cycles Are Over

I finally realized this recently. I have lived through two of them back to back and now there are none. I am understanding this whole thing now. These seven year spiritual cycles were real and hard to get rid of. I was able to live through them and successfully get rid of anymore. It all started back in 2008.

I was home and not working. I had been experiencing PTSD from working in a very toxic workplace in the Novato Unified School District. I simply could not work there anymore. I finally figured out what was going on, but I still was at home. I lived through that year with PTSD. It continued as I tried to work again as a school nurse in the San Rafael City Schools. The same thing happened again! I ended up back at home in early 2009.

During that time at home I was involved with a body change. I had been seeing a man who was a highly spiritual man. I suppose I inherited his spiritual world as it attached itself to me. Thus, the first 7 year cycle began. That ended in 2015. I then moved away to Yuma. A new 7 year cycle began in 2016. That cycle finally just ended too. However, this time I am financially secure. I have made it to my retirement income. The times of having no money coming my way have ended. The times of toxic, unsafe work environments for me are gone.

I have proof of how unsafe working in the school setting is for me personally. I worked here in Yuma as a Paraprofessional at a local high school for awhile and guess what? The environment became toxic again as the special education teachers tried to bully me. However I did not experience PTSD at all. I wanted to continue working at a different high school but was told I had to resign or be terminated. I resigned and later I received my unemployment benefits because the unemployment agency here in AZ investigated my case. I won my case as the school workplace was deemed an unsafe environment for me. I have the letter that states that very thing.

I am happily at home now and doing what I want to do: heal. That is what I do and I do it very well. I am a powerful Healer. I can instantly change a human’s lifestyle and make things go the right way. My healing is a real panacea. Anything spiritually induced is removed permanently. Only one session is needed to get this accomplished too. There is no need for weekly sessions, etc. Once the connection is made, it is secure and cannot be changed or altered.

My cycles are done. I am not under any control of any spirit world at all. I am here in my homeland living the life I was meant to live finally. I am creating a beautiful Yuma, AZ environment every day. I see AZ change and grow up the right way now that I am back. I lived through my cycles to get back home and it worked. I am free and powerful.