This Is My Outside Time

So, my Universe Transition is moving along quite well. I had to live through so many setups to get to this point. I have never had the opportunity to live outside in nature. I have always been involved in one setup living arrangement, many quite negative too. Now, I am beyond all of those. It is not that bad really. I am around a very good group of people who are all Healers like me. I lived in this neighborhood for many years and have returned here temporarily to purge out. That is what I call it.

I am totally prepared to do this. it is not unsafe or dangerous for me. I have a safe place to sleep, a safe place to store my belongings and a safe place to sit and lay outside in the beautiful Yuma sunshine. This is all I need right now to finish this purging. No one is stopping me. I am not being hassled by anyone. Again, I go with the flow everyday and know what I must do each day and it works.

I live my life in Universe Time now. My Spiritual Time is over. I have said before that Universe Time means our Universe is in complete control of the spiritual worlds around humans. The fact that I have made this far along in my healing is quite noteworthy. I am really at the end. I made to this point and that means the spirits are all dying finally. Their existence solely depended on the complete control of Healers like me. If only one Universe Family Healer was able to survive and return home, that would defeat the spiritual worlds everywhere. I am that Universe Family Healer that returned home. I have been successful in eliminating spirit worlds from my life. I am the first Healer to do this. Therefore, my website address is

If you are just reading my blog for the first time, I will try to explain in simple terms what I do. I am a real Healer. I have a very strong connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. This current is surrounding me at all times. It is a powerful magnetic current that literally vacuums the spirits away from my human body. The energy flows through my hands and feet. It feels a little gritty like liquid sandpaper. That’s because this energy is full of minerals like magnetite.

Our Universe loves spiritual energy. As the spirits are returned to our Universe, our planet Earth naturally becomes positive and alive. The right decisions are made by the right people. The negative people are quickly disposed of and not heard from any more. This has never happened in the history of our planet, but it is happening right now.

All we needed was one real Universe Family Healer to get this interaction going. It is working. I am documenting my progress as universefamilyhealer right here on my blog. I am living each day of this amazing phenomenon. I will continue to document as I move forward toward birth family reunions.

I had to be on my own for this to happen. I am strong and fearless. I could not be stopped. Our planet is safe. This is real, not a stupid science fiction movie. I am real.