My Healing Is Working in Yuma

I have seen evidence of what my healing can do. The right things are happening here in Yuma with the people I have healed. I see that their lives are improving so much. It is amazing.

I also see how my healing is working at the Universe level. I see world leaders finally coming back together and working things out the right way. I know that this is only because we are all living in Universe Time. We were always living in Spiritual Time before. In the old days the spiritual worlds around humans controlled everything. That is no longer happening. Now our Universe is in control of all of the spiritual worlds around humans. This means that we humans are in control of our brains, not the spirits. And humans (i.e. world leaders) are making the right decisions to make sure our planet is safe and alive.

Once Universe Time is established in a civilization such as our planet Earth, it cannot be replaced by a Spiritual Time again. So, this means that spirits are rapidly decomposing from everywhere on our planet and being put into our Universe’s magnetic fields. There the spirits are reused in some way to strengthen our Universe. We want our Universe healthy and strong. The spirits are helping our Universe expand. Spirits are made of magnetite and other minerals. Spirits belong in our Universe and not in/on our bodies. Although the spirits would like to remain on human bodies, they are not getting their way. They are being actively removed all of the time. They are done living on planet Earth. 

They call me an original. They call me human. They call me many things including Healer. Perhaps I was the one and only human to get Universe Time going. It sure seems that way. This is what the spirits say as they leave our planet forever: “No one has ever done this before. We are done.”

So I am so happy to get the good news that my healing is working for many humans here in Yuma. I see the joy on their faces. I see how relaxed and comfortable they are now. I know that we are safe here on our planet and never will have to suffer a spiritual invasion ever again.

That is the truth.