January Begins as Winter Ends

One week into the new year and it is beautiful here in Yuma. We had a very short winter time. The temperatures were a bit low for a few days. That time is over. We had a soft little rain a few days ago. That is gone now. The air is clean and the sky very blue. There is no air pollution here. The air smells fresh and new.

So far into my new year, I am experiencing the intense purging that I expected. There is nothing wrong with it at all. I am just doing the Universe method of starting a year off.  I am a very positive person. I can make my life as interesting as possible simply by purging out negative people and places.

There is a balancing effect going on. The Universe purging and merging allows a balance of nature to return. This is happening more and more. As I move forward in this year I will see a lot of this balancing taking place. The extremes of temperature will balance. There will be more water available here. I will see more security at the border too.

I live very close to the southern US border which has been loose and failing for a very long time. There has been an influx of bad people coming into our country. I know this is stopping now. I am here to help that undertaking. I purge and stay right here at home. I help by purging the spiritual setups that encouraged a loose border. I know that it is going to become a very will protected border over the following year. There will be many people involved with these changes. There will be a lot of good people making it happen. The Universe makes sure that our homeland is safe and free of hazards.

Our Universe Time is in full control of all spiritual setups and games. The spirits are ineffective and losing their power all of the time. They cannot keep themselves intact. Their interconnections are loose and breaking apart. Our Universe is pulling them away and placing them far from our planet. I can also say that this is never stopping. It is the way things are now. Universe Time is permanent.