Spiritual Relationships Are Ending

Well it is really happening these days. The spirits used to control human relationships because they needed humans to live. As they controlled human relationships, they were assured of having more and more human hosts to live with. That is why the population of the planet has soared so much. Spirits have made it happen.

But as our healing planet moves forward, the spirits that control human relationships move on the Universe. The spiritual relationships fade away. The birth rate decreases naturally. There will not be any problems at all. There will not be a need for laws to control human reproduction. That is not necessary in a Universe world.

I know this will take some time to be realized by everyone. It is already happening though. The spirits are purging and so they will not be here anymore to make people do the negative nasty things they were doing. Highly negative spiritual people were in control and making our world a very unsafe and negative place to live.  They are no longer powerful now. They are losing. Their spiritual energies purge on the Universe and they fade into the background and simply disappear.

This trend does not reverse. It is not a setup. It is a real phenomenon that happens continually and gradually gets stronger all of the time. I see the big picture and I blog about it here. No one else is saying these things, but I do. I am a Universe Family Healer and I document major changes in our ways of living. I make sure and note that these are real occurrences happening. It is not my control. It is just the Universe cleaning up our world, finally.

Relationships will no longer be based upon sexual activities. Sexual relationships will no longer exist. What happens is a new way of being together: i.e. a man and woman become mates. That is all. There will not be anything else. It simply does not happen. Men and women will join together as mates in order for them to have a family.

Sexual activities are not going to be a big deal. That was all fueled by spiritual energies. Men were especially infested with spiritual setups making them very negative and sexual predators. But as I have said, right now this is changing.

We are all going to see this happen.  The positive changes are due to Universe Family Healing. That is the reason the really bad people are getting caught and put away. In the future there will not be any of those sexual problems. Sexual activities are just to continue the human species. Men and women have sex in order to create a new human. That is the only reason to have sex. All of the other stuff that has been going on is due to a highly spiritual setup that has been in control of humans.

Spiritual relationships are becoming extinct and so are the spirits that created them. Purging and merging spiritual worlds into our Universe is making our world safe and comfortable for all men and women.  Our world is real and nothing will ever bother us again. The spirits are dying and they cannot do anything on the Universe but be contained and reused in another way.  They cannot come back to Earth and setup their destructive parasitic lifestyles here. They are done.

I am available to assist you with ending your spiritual relationship. If you need help to get connected to our Universe, you can certainly contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. Email me and we can go further. I charge a nominal fee of $50.00 for our session. One session is all you will need to get connected. Payment is through PayPal invoice.

Thank you for reading my blog. I am here to help all humans heal by getting connected to our Universe.