An Exciting Week: Quiet Victories

Universe Family Healing continues to make my life and my family’s lives better everyday. This week was a triumphant week for us. My youngest son finally moved out of Hamilton, an area in Novato, CA where we all used to live. We needed to be gone from that place. It had a lot of bad energies connected to it and now that time is officially gone.

The ten years of waiting for that spirit entity around me is also gone. Gone. Tomorrow is the 15th of September and that means that ten years ago I severed the ties with a very unhealthy spiritually controlled man. I had to live through the past ten years and purge out that spirit entity along the way. It has accompanied me here to Yuma where it is not really effective all. I have reached a point where I know it is over.

There is no drama on the Universe. Drama is only part of the spirit world. 

Our Universe works very quietly in the background making everything better all of the time. It is like a secret weapon in a way. It is always working to remove the spirit worlds but practically no one is aware. Our Universe is silent and invisible but real and powerful. Our Universe is definitely functionally normally now. Normal Universe function means it purges (pulls) spirits from human beings.

I went on a job interview yesterday. It was the last spirit set up from that ten year span with that entity.  The job is definitely not what I want to do, but I had to go and sit there and talk to this man and respond to him. This man at the interview had that entity around him! I was in total control of this interaction. I can see why I had to go and be there in person. I had to grab his spirit energy field and purge it on the Universe. He could not stop it and did not know I was doing it.

The questions were kind of inappropriate at times, but, thankfully, the interview was short and I was at ease. I was purging him out the whole time! He even had to open the door towards the end of the interview.  I stayed and completed the interview because I wanted this interaction to be the end of any spiritual control over my financial well being.

I had to participate in this setup because it was so unrealistic what he expects people to do for this job. I was not going to be involved after that. It is already on the Universe and gone from my world. I have to be patient a bit longer and wait until the very good job comes along. It will be the right one, safe and fun. And it is almost time for that to happen.

The end of a 10 year wait is almost over. Tomorrow is the 15th. I still remember very well that night when I told him goodbye. He was a man who did not know his feelings. I cannot be involved with a man who is not human.

I can help you release a spiritual relationship and free yourself from harm and pain.

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