Universe Family Healer Purges the Spiritual World

As I posted a few days ago, the spiritual noises are becoming more real to many people. Sounds are being heard everywhere in those highly spiritual areas. That is good. It means that area of the world is purging its spiritual layers and as a result reality takes control.

Now, there is a spiritual world still intact in many places of course.  But this is only temporary. In fact, there are still many spiritual healers everywhere promoting themselves and providing their services for a fee. I recently checked this out and yes they are still around. And a bunch of new ones are there too. Amazing.

But they are not doing what I do. And so I let them be and not interfere with their business. I know their business is only temporary. I just post on my blog my progress and what I know about the Universe. I purge spiritual energy. I do not “cleanse chakras” and keep chakras on the human body. That is just a spiritual game. I get rid of the chakras. That is the main difference here. So I am amazed that there are still spiritual healers who cleanse chakras etc. and expect to be paid for it. I kind of laugh at them really.

Everyday, I wake up and feel very good. I am so pleased with my progress in this world and what I am doing. I cannot ever feel bad. I know that little by little, the world is changing and reality is returning. I feel that I can live and be the real Healer I am now. I never had that chance before. I am safe because I returned to my homeland. I hope others do the same as they will also feel very safe at home.

Reality is establishing itself. We read about it all of the time. We see the real person who is in the headlines. These people cannot hide anymore. The spiritual layers which allowed these people to control our world are very weak. These spiritual layers are not functioning at all anymore. A powerful Universe Time is all that remains. The Universe is a huge positive magnetic energy field and can easily take spirits away from humans everywhere.

This is how the Universe is supposed to function. It is not a new thing. But our Universe was not functioning correctly. And so we had a lot of negative things happening which eventually destroys living worlds. I do not want to name all of that stuff as it is plainly obvious what I mean. But as we move along in our healing and purging, we will see a gradual downturn in all of the negative parts of our planet.

Primarily this will be a reduction and permanent removal of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. As these spiritual barriers are lifted, this happens automatically. The places that have these weapons will just begin a dismantling process that does not stop until all weapons are gone.  A powerful Universe Time makes this real and allows this to happen. Nuclear weapons cannot exist in a powerful Universe Time. 

I am feeling very good to be able to say these things. I am really concerned with the health and well-being of our planet and the Universe. I am not looking to be “hired to heal someone.” I heal at the Universe level and this is what happens as a result: we all live in a safe and healthy Universe once again, no matter what country we are from.

The Universe wants all good humans to have safe and healthy lives.