The Final Purge, On My Way Home

Has anyone ever experienced this before? Not that I can see. I do not see it anywhere in written form. I can only assume that it was not available to humans. I know that what I say is difficult for many people to read. It is not the usual stuff that I write these days. Still, it has to be written for all to see and understand.

Healing has not been very easy. In the past it was only thought about at times of crisis. It was not thought to be a normal process for human existence. But real healing is a long term process. It is not fast at all. It is a slow but steady progression to becoming a normal healthy human being.

I have experienced a few major times throughout my life when I know I was getting rid of a large mass of negative energy. It changed everything around me for awhile. This last time, when I returned to my homeland, is my final purge. It is the last one for me. I have been able to return to where I was born. And so, I have defeated the spiritual world that had controlled me for my entire life. 

I am able to live now and help others to purge their spiritual worlds away too. We can do this together and make sure our planet lives and sustains life. Our planet is not dying. It was at one time because Healers were not able to purge, but not now. The negative energy fields pass through me and move out into the geomagnetic fields of our Universe. Our outside atmosphere is vacuuming this mass away from humans and is quite powerful too. The Universe does not have a start and stop button. It is just on all the time.

I do not see any one discussing this on the Internet like I do. I am definitely a unique and fresh approach to sustainability here on planet Earth. But since I am so real and powerful, I know that more people will understand what is going on. It will be accepted as routine in the future. Purging spiritual energy onto the Universe is the only way to allow life to continue on a living planet like ours.