Revealing and Accepting the Truth Allows Universe Family Healing to Take Control

When a lie is defeated, real life begins. You cannot continue to exist in the Dead Zone. One lie after another is constantly exposed. This process involves the purging and merging of spiritual energy as it is introduced into the atmosphere of our Universe. This so-called “energy” allowed lies to be in control.

Our natural Universe heals us. I simply provide the truth to allow this natural phenomenon to occur. I know about the truth for all of us. I can start you on your journey to find your Universe family. But, if you are given the truth and do not accept it, you will never connect your energies to our Universe.

Some people want to be instantly “healed”. They want a healer to do this for them. There are many spiritual healers who will do this for a large fee. People will pay these fake healers as they are so stuck in a miserable life and want instant results. In reality, truth is the only way to be set free from a hellish world.

Yet, when they are told the truth, they continue to deny and stay put. They do not want to face reality. They are really enmeshed in the Dead Zone. Those people will never really connect to the Universe. These people stay in the darkness and despair, the lies and layers of negativity. They are not willing to see the reality of what happened to them in early childhood. They cause others to take the blame for their misfortunes instead of becoming active and informed. They do not prefer to do anything to get themselves out of their nightmare conditions.

I do not wish to be contacted by those people. There are many people like that, wanting instant spiritual cures etc. My healing process took years and they want it right now. That is never going to happen. Reality is restored year after year. You have to live through each year to make it real.

I am the only Universe Family Healer. I am real. I charge a very small fee for my healing sessions. I know how hard it is to become real. I have lived a full life in a very spiritually controlled world and still have to deal with the negative setups of my homeland. One by one I am purging out the ridiculous setups I encounter. But I am home so it is easier for me to achieve this now. I do not have to be in the middle at all. I watch the freak show unfold and see it happening. I know that reality is getting restored every day.