Awakening from the Dead Zone

When you are enmeshed in the spiritual world, you do not even realize you are! It took me many years to wake up and see reality! Somehow I was able to do this. If not for my sons, I am sure I would not be blogging today. I have been able to see reality because I am a real mom. I gave birth to my sons. I fed them, nursed them, and played with them throughout their growing years.

I am still very close with my sons, although they are all adults now. I am very connected and know intuitively when they are in need of my support. Therefore, I know the difference in how I feel. Those fake family members are of no concern to me. They were only a very negative spiritual connection and easily purged.

Now, I know that this is not possible for everyone. Not all of us have had children. But, I know that there will be a time for the good people to experience this wonderful part of real life. That includes having your own biological family to raise and nurture. But first, it is important for Universe Family Healing to occur. That is priority right now.


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