Universe Family Healing In Yuma, Arizona


Did you know that Yuma, Arizona is the city with the most sunny days in the United States? This is a very interesting fact. And we are here finally totally connected to the sun and enjoying the magnetic qualities it contains. Naturally magnetic healing is all that occurs.  You cannot stop the pulling. It is like a gigantic magnetic vacuum cleaner. I am sitting outside as I do every day and allow this amazing natural phenomenon to occur. I feel its roughness on my skin as this negative energy mass comprised of magnetite and other metallic minerals is literally ripped off of my human body.

I am not doing any ritual. This is happening automatically, non stop, 24/7. That is all I do as a Universe Family Healer. As a result I know that our world is changing and getting better all of the time. I note the changes worldwide and have people from countries all over the planet reading my posts. When the nasty negative spiritual energies are vacuumed away from humans, the world improves and everything goes on as it should, quite easily and naturally. So being a Universe Family Healer in Yuma, Arizona is the perfect job for me. In fact, it is the only job that I should have had from the very beginning of my existence.

But I was taken away from Yuma when I was only 2 years old by a very bad family- not my real family at all.. This fake spiritual family used me to improve their status in the world of spiritual setups.

It has taken me over 55 years to return to Yuma Arizona, the place where I was born. This is the only place for a real Universe Family Healer to live. And I am living here, have no doubts about that. It feels so good to be in the Land of the Sun and not have to think that the sun is a bad thing. Yuma, Arizona is the best place for me to live.