Healer Works Alone and That is OK…

When I was starting to realize who I am, I went through so many things. I thought I was a psychic nurse. I am not. I just purged that part away. I checked back at some of those online  psychic sites where I used to be and no longer am. I am not feeling any longing to return there. The connection to those places is totally gone now. I have no longing to reconnect with those old spiritual websites. I am simply here alone on my blog telling my story in a very simple way. I do not hear those other healers saying it like I do. There is no one else saying these things but me…

So, I continue to purge out all the spiritual energies around me and this energy merges outside with our universe. Our universe is a vast magnetic energy field and that is how I can release all of this spiritual energy from humans. Spiritual energy  is also very magnetic and was not supposed to be stuck and part of human existence. It was a big mistake. I am not really sure how it happened. I have been told many different spiritual stories about this mistake…. But that was a long time ago…Stuff about “God making a little mistake”, and things I do not really believe or care about…

I wish I had more answers to the whys,  but I  don’t. I guess the problem happened so long ago that most of the reality has been wiped out of people’s memories. I was hoping that more people would be coming forward and acknowledging their own personal healing/ purging experiences but that has yet to happen either. However, nonetheless, I still am here relating my healing/purging experiences and that will not stop…And I know it is working. But there is a lot of it still to get rid of…So, I know I will be a very busy Healer for a very long time…

It’s OK though, I am doing just fine. My sons are around me. We are doing very well as the first family of real spiritual energy purging Healers ever. We are all purging our spiritual energies. And that is something you just do not hear people talking about these days. All the spiritual healers today are just playing with these energies. They are not purging them…What  I am doing is certainly not anywhere in the mainstream news…But my family is doing it here in Northern California, USA….

There is not much more to say. The old spiritual times are still around somewhere else, but to me, it is like they are over. That feels good.

If you are interested in purging out your spiritual energies, contact me below. It involves a very long journey, but it is worth the time….You will experience changes like you never imagined. And it takes courage and the will to live on.

Not very many humans will want to do this, but there are some of us who will take the challenge and live on and on…



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