My Healing Power is Real…

Even though people doubted who I am, I am healing anyway. I know how powerful I am and what those people think or say about me does not stop my strength as a Powerful and Mighty Healer. I know that now and the days that come soon will be so full of fun and enjoyment that I will be laughing most of the time and realizing that what I was waiting for is finally here….

Healer is here to stay.

Healer is always going to be here.

Healer is not ever leaving…

And those people that have doubted my healing abilities and thought I was a fraud are all falling apart and fading away and they cannot stop it or change it or hide from it either.  It is not easy for them now.  It is hard and rigorous and dangerous too. But for me and my family we are  just starting to have the most fun ever and this fun time never stops…

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