The Spiritual World Is Dying Away….

The set up spiritual world is decaying faster and faster. I can tell. I am not surprised either. It is easy to see now. The spiritual entities are not in control at all. They are rapidly moving out into our universe. It is non stop. It cannot be stopped. A police officer cannot stop it. A judge cannot stop it either. This power is way above those spiritually controlled people. Their days are ending here on earth. Their criminal games never worked. It has always made the real world negative and dead.

But now the spiritual world is dead, really dead. I mean, there is no more repeating of these spiritual times. The spiritual energy fields are moving and unstable. These fields cannot set up anything now. They are merging with other natural magnetic fields in our universe and are far away from humans. Once these energy fields are connected to the universe, they are gone forever…

The spiritual world is comprised of very negatively controlled people who are more spiritual than human. That means their bodies are so full of this energy that they cannot withstand spiritual energy purging. Since they are all so connected to each other by this spiritual energy field, they die one after another when their energies purge and merge…

It is all that happens now….Look for the signs around you. See the reality reborn. It is real and will not reverse this time. Reality is what stays now. Those criminals are really dying and their energies are purged so criminals will ever inhabit this planet again. This has never happened before in our planet’s history, but because our world is the the last living world, this has to happen or life will cease to exist….

Healer does not allow life to end. Healer is about living and loving. Those people who are in control now are dying. They will all be dead soon. This allows the good people to take control and manage the world in a safe and loving way…No more negativity problems ever again…

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