The Unthinkable- Babies Being Stolen From Their Mothers…

This happened a very long time ago and still happens to this day. There are so called “professionals” who claim to be doing the right thing for the newborns and take the babies away from their birth mothers. This corrupted practice started a very long time ago and these professionals were allowed to get away with legalized kidnapping.

Today, these birth atrocities are starting to turn around and being exposed in the public arena. Now, these professionals are being looked at like criminals. There is no good reason to ever justify the separation of a baby and mother. That is the worst crime against humanity that has occurred. There is nothing stronger than the mother child bond. There is no way to fake it. All those people trying to be adoptive parents are just evil members of this plot. They do not have any real bonds with these children. They should not try to be parents. “Acting” like a parent is a joke.

Faked birth documents are not going to make a mother child bond real. It is over for that part of the world. The adoptive community is falling apart. They are criminals and will all die…. And in the future there will never be anymore legalized kidnapping. It was only a very evil part of the spiritual world’s sordid history….