Healing Families are Growing and Maturing, Creating the New World

Healing universally means you lose all the spiritual energies of your past. This energy is released and merged with the geomagnetic energy fields of our planet and universe. What happens when this energy is released is a very interesting and amazing change. All of your family becomes very young again and starts to grow up in a different way. This is because the spiritual energies have suppressed the real human development at a very young age. And instead of maturing the human way, the spiritual energies took over and made things change to a very negative spiritual life.

I am not really talking about religion here. Spiritual energy really has nothing to do with religion. Spiritual energy is just energy created from the minds of dead and departed humans and other alien species. Religion is just a part of what spirituality creates. It is a spiritual game to control people in a certain way. That is all that religion is really. None of it was ever real. It is just a lot of made up stories about families who lived a long time ago and because of this energy it has been allowed to stay current in everyone’s minds. But again, it will all be purged out as will other aspects of spirituality.

Over time, all that was spiritually created diminishes and fades away as the spiritual age becomes a part of human’s history, a very negative part and one that will never return in any way, shape, or form. Purging and merging this energy stops all the spiritual set ups, games, angles etc.  In fact, spiritual angels are really just a spiritually made human substation for this energy. It uses people who they call angels (or angles) to have a mass produced like spiritually energy network to control many people and setups. Once these spiritually controlled human angels are healing and purging, these large setups are no longer functioning. I feel I was one of their angels and that is what I have been called by them (the spirits) over and over. But I am really a Healer and that is why I can document all that has been happening to me today. The spiritual web around me is broken and cannot be spiritually repaired. Once a spiritual web is broken up into tiny pieces, it is done. It cannot repair itself and start again. Once it is merged out on the universe its existence is over.

I can explain more about this real phenomenon because I have experienced it all from beginning to this point today. I know how to release all of these connections and it happens easily and automatically now. That is how I have been able to live and survive until this day. I do not believe that any other human being has ever attained this. I have not heard about anyone doing this and talking about this the way I do. Therefore I do believe I am the one and only Healer that is here to save our world from this spiritual invasion. It may sound crazy to the spiritual world, but in my real world, it makes total sense and I will never stop saying these things until I am the only one talking about healing and purging.

I will not be silenced or made to feel less than who I am. Those days are over. I am powerful in that I have this universal connection to release all of this negative energy from our planet. I remain at home in a safe and comfortable environment so that I can continue to be the Healer that I really am. I am through with the spiritual way of living; the working in toxic environments is all over for me. The negative people who tried to destroy me in my spiritual life are all dying. That is what happens when you achieve the level where I am. I will never return to anything like that. Those kinds of situations are ending for many good people.

As a Healer purges out this spiritual web, all members of the Healer’s family are also healing and purging their spiritual webs too, because of these spiritual connections. And so, all the family members, wherever they are, become Healers too. I mean, real family here, not fake spiritual connections made by adoption etc. That is not happening. All that spiritual energy purging does is separate you from those negative people and reunite you with your real biological families, and this happens over and over until there are only good people alive on this planet.

That is the beauty of spiritual energy purging. It turns everything back to the normal way of human existence and stays that way forever… The spiritual people die off and only real humans who have purged their spiritual energy stay alive and live on. This is what is happening in our world today.  You will never read about this in the mainstream news of course because it is way too spiritual. But you will read about this on my blog. You can read the truth here all the time. I will always speak the truth and that never stops. I hope that makes you feel good and if it doesn’t then you are one of the negative people who will die. That is the way of the New World now.