I am Here and Always Will Be

As this spiritual world declines into ruin (as all spiritual worlds do eventually), there is a new world beginning. This new world is already here. We are a very small group of Healers alive and well and purging spiritual energies all the time. We do not keep these energies or worship them.  Spiritual energy is nothing to hold on to. It is just a bunch of  waste products from the ages past. It is nothing worthwhile. It is not healthy or helpful. It cannot do anything for you but make you ill and die. And although I  continue to post all about this here on my little blog site, I get very little recognition.

I guess this world is so spiritual that people will never even know about me. They will just continue to decrease in numbers. I try to reach out and inform people who are experiencing spiritual nightmares of all kinds and I get very little response even from these people I am trying to help. These people are asking for assistance too. I am not going out bugging people. These people post on websites and have questions about paranormal activities. I answer them honestly and never hear from them again.

I am not really that interested in everyone knowing about me. But I would like some awareness from people. Maybe they think I am just a crazy person, but I know I am not. I am super powerful. I would like it known that I am never going to fade away like so many other healers have. I am always going to be purging spiritual energies from our planet. I am here to do just that. I do not hear any other healers ever talking about this like I do. I guess I am the only Healer to do this. I am the first, but I am not the last either. Universal healing is when the spiritual energy from humans is pulled away and merged with our universal energy field. This will continue now. It never stops.

Changes of monumental proportions will occur as a result. The world is changing every second because the spiritually set up world is decaying and breaking apart. This process allows the human who is purging spiritual energy to live on. The body just adjusts and does not age anymore. In fact, the reverse happens and youthfulness returns. I guess it is not possible for many humans to purge. They are so spiritual in nature. I see that now. I am not one of them and neither are my family members, thank goodness. We are very healthy and happy people. We thrive on the natural way of life. We do things to make our little world safe and healthy. We are way ahead of everybody. It is that apparent.

This last day of May is an end to an old way of living for many people. They remain stuck in their living disasters and many will not be able to climb out of their messes. They will be having a very difficult time dealing with reality when it is so vividly apparent in front them. Denial is breaking down now and their spiritual energies are creating a false sense of well being. That is as good as it gets for these people who are not doing things right and never did.  They become homeless wanderers.