I am Going With The Flow And Ended Up At The Plasma Donation Center

Is this really the last spiritual setup for me? I certainly hope so. I look back on this and realize that yes, I am doing the right thing right now. I have to live through this setup, purge it out completely, and then move forward in order to eradicate the medical setups that were stuck on me for a very long time. I certainly wasn’t ever thinking about going there and participating in this donor program but there I am now. It won’t last much longer though.

As I lay down in their center actively donating my plasma, I am also actively purging out their world. Of course those people are not aware of anything about this. They cannot see the purging going on. But, it is powerful purging in that center. That tells me how negative that environment really is!

It will be interesting to see the changes. I am wondering if this whole plasma donation thing is simply going to fade away. It is definitely a S.C.A.M. (Spiritually Created About Money) activity because we receive money every time we donate our plasma. But since it is so negative and I am innocently there participating and purging spiritual energy, I know that something changes at that donor center.

The spiritual setup in place at that center is disintegrating now because I have been there a few times. I cannot stop the spiritual setup from purging in that center. It just happens naturally for me.

I have visited other medical places during this past year as I go with the flow, and purged those people and places out too. This one is also getting a nice big purge. After this is over, I will never have to participate in any medical procedures again. I will be all done with the medical realm. I guess I am just doing my own thing as a Universe Family Healer, and purging out the negative medical world is part of what I naturally do to heal our world.