The Truth About Spiritual Energy

Our world is still highly spiritual. It is hard to understand this unless you know that humans are hosts to spirits. Just by knowing this information, you will feel a slight purge action. That tingling sensation is the spirits purging from your body. Yes, it happens a little  just by reading my words.

There are spirits around all humans. Spirits are parasites. A parasite cannot exist without a host. For example, head lice and scabies are human parasites. They only exist because they can live on a human body. There are spiritual parasites too.

It is hard for humans to believe this because spirits are rather invisible to most everyone these days. This is because most humans are extremely spiritual and therefore do not understand that they are controlled completely by their spiritual world.

Every human being has a spiritual world that has grown and lives on them. There was no way in the past to get rid of the spiritual worlds around humans. These spiritual parasites proliferated and controlled everything that humans were involved in. Spirits led us all to believe that they were inseparable and necessary to human life. This falsehood was very powerful.

Spirits are not necessary for human life. Humans are necessary for spirit life. But, like any parasite infestation, humans now have a way to eradicate this one too.

There is no known medical treatment to eradicate a spiritual infestation. Medical providers cannot clear a spiritual infestation. In fact, this whole realm of spiritual energy infestations is largely ignored by medical professionals. Many health conditions are spiritually induced, so the medical people say, “unknown etiology.”

I continue to document the truth about spiritual energy on my blog. I was once a clinical nurse specialist and more involved in the medical realm. Since leaving there I was able to live through my own healing experience and thus became an expert in spiritual energy.

I healed my way through my spiritual world by connecting it to our Universe. It seemed to happen naturally for me. I never received any instructions in spiritual energy at all in my nursing career. I had to “live the experience” and document the reality of spiritual energy here on my blog where freedom of speech is available.

Spiritual energy is real because I can hear it, feel it, see it, and sometimes smell and taste it on my tongue. Spiritual energy is highly magnetic. This energy is pulled off of my body by our Universe’s magnetic current. I hear the spirits going southeast outside my window. The magnetic qualities of spiritual  energy allow it to imitate smells, sounds, and voices. Many unexplained occurrences are simply a spiritual energy setup playing out in repetitive cycles of 3.

My spiritual world is very small now as I have been powerfully purging so much of it over the last 12 years. I really didn’t know much about it before then. I lived through my spiritual life to understand the impact of this energy on human beings everywhere.

And now, I can help humans on our planet to purge away their spiritual worlds like I have done. I feel I am the first healer to be able to effectively do this, so I named my web site

This is the truth about spiritual energy.

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